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anyone out there hungry?

hello my gustative pals,

i am looking over menus and need to select a few treats for an upcoming tasting. anyone want to help me pick a few things out? i am bringing carnivores, so those who know my tastes can feel free to choose outside of vegetarianism.

Please select four, these are butler served cocktail slosh-nosh:

Display of Assorted Pâté and Terrines with French Bread and Cornichons
Trio of Smoked Seafood Display with Traditional Garnishes (Smoked Bluefish, House-Smoked Salmon, and Smoked Scallops)
Chilled Black Tiger Shrimp with Lemon and Cocktail Sauce
Salami Coronets with Boursin Cheese and Spanish Olives
California Rolls with Wasabi and Soy Sauce

Wild Mushroom Tarts with Red Pepper and Swiss Cheese
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
Chicken Brochettes with Sweet Onion and Ginger Soy Sauce
Spinach and Feta in Phyllo Dough
Artichoke Hearts and Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Pastry Diamonds

Appetizers, select four with preferred item first:

Chilled Asparagus Vichyssoise with Cumin and Ancho Chili Oil
Grilled Farm-Raised Quail with Fresh Figs, Black Pepper Spoon Bread,
and Aged Balsamic Syrup
Smoked Salmon and Cornmeal Blini Torte with Traditional Garnishes
and Dill Crème Fraîche
Smoked Tuna Loin with Local Cantaloupe Fan and Cider Fruit Salsa
Parma Prosciutto and House-Made Mozzarella Roll with Vine-Ripened Tomato and Water Crackers
Maine Jonah Crab Flan with Smoked Bacon, Bitter Greens, and Roasted
Red Pepper Sauce
Lobster Bisque with Sherry Chantilly and Chives
Roasted Tomato Consommé with Leeks and Sweet Basil

salads: select four, with preferred salad first:

Tender Hearts of Romaine Lettuce with Sweet Peppers and Pine Nuts
Caesar Salad with Black Pepper, Asiago Cheese, and Garlic Croutons
Boston Bibb Lettuce with Crystallized Walnuts, Herbed Goat Cheese,
and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Baby Spinach with Shaved Fennel, Plum Tomato, and Coriander Vinaigrette
Sweet and Bitter Greens with Smoked Duck, Mandarin Oranges,
Roasted Pine Nuts, and Black Pepper Vinaigrette

(House-Made Rolls and Butter)

Main Course, select four, but specify one which you think most would prefer:

Wood-Fired Pacific Tuna with Scallion Brown Rice, Cucumber Fresca, and Dijon Vinaigrette
Apple-Grilled Filet Mignon with Scalloped Yukon Gold Potatoes, Asparagus and Five-Onion Sauce
Pan-Seared Chicken Breast and Black Barley, Asparagus, and Sweet Shallot Cream
Veal Chop with Wild Mushroom Grit Cake, Smoked Vidalia Onion Compote, and Sun-Dried Tomato Butter
Petit Filet Mignon and Brazilian Lobster Tail with Drawn Butter and Cabernet Sauce
Venison Medallions with Horseradish Potatoes, Onion Crisps, and Rosemary Pan Gravy
Smoked Duck Breast with Warm White Beans, Red Pepper, and Balsamic Apricot Glaze
Sweet Yuca and Eggplant Tamale with Tofu Relish, Pineapple Chips, and Sofrito Sauce

...and of course, there has to be a CAKE!

and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Petit Fours

Coffee and Tea Served with Dessert
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