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The Let's Get Drunk, Play Board Games, and Eat a Lot Anti-Thanksgiving Celebration!

Greetings, oh hungry ones!

bitzar, darenzia, and I went to Wholefoods tonight to brainstorm and find stuff for this coming Thursday's festivities at my humble abode.

Upon looking at the catering menu, we decided it would be more cost efficient to just have everyone bring stuff.

We can use this post as a list of what everyone is bringing, along with ideas and suggestions.

I will be provide the following:
-mozzarella, tomato, and roasted pepper salad
-baked brie with pesto (mmmmmm)
-assorted olives
-potato chips
-veggie meatballs
-raspberry chocolate brownies

I'll also probably pick up a bottle of wine or two.

Sound good? So, what is everyone else bringing?
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